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5x Where To Eat in Granada

Those who spread the rumor that food in Nicaragua is lacking flavor obviously haven’t been to Granada. This colorful city in Central America has a culinary scene as vivid as its streets, offering something suitable for every meal of the day. Laying out our top restaurant picks from morning till evening:

Garden Café

This picturesque café is centered around a small, but bright inner garden and offers exceptionally good coffee to start your day with. They might take a while to prepare it, but it is worth the wait. In addition to excellent coffee, they also serve good food. With menu items ranging from American pancakes and Avocado toast to some more authentic Central American dishes. Next to the restaurant area, the Garden café also proudly enfolds a library, where visitors can enjoy a variety of books or choose to donate their own. For our breakfast at the Garden Cafe, which included 4 cappuccinos, we paid a total of $18.60 (€15).

Garden Cafe Granada Nicaragua

Garden Cafe Granada Nicaragua
Power B – 175 Cordoba

The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner from 07:00 until 21:00. For more information visit www.gardencafegranada.com

El Garaje

Hidden behind caged doors and run by a lovely couple from Canada, El Garaje is something special. The small restaurant, which proudly ranks on the 1st place on TripAdvisor, is only open for lunch during weekdays and the fact that, during your lunch, you will see a ton of locals stepping in for takeaway says it all. With an open kitchen, similar to that of a pop-up, and menus written on the wall, your lunch is served in a lovely home-like atmosphere. For our lunch, we had the eggplant moussaka and the roasted spicy pulled pork sandwich for a total of $10.30 (€8.30)

El Garaje Granada Nicaragua
Eggplant Moussaka – 170 Cordoba
Eggplant Moussaka – 170 Cordoba

El Garaje Granada Nicaragua

El Garaja is only open on weekdays and welcomes guests from 11:30 until 15:30.

Taco Stop

Well, this is not the kind of place you’ll want to sit for an extensive lunch. But, for a quick snack or a basic Mexican lunch, it is quite good. The local fast food chain Taco Stop has several outlets throughout Nicaragua and is really decently priced. The kitchen serves a variety of tex-mex grill items -such as burritos, tacos and so on- and even offers deals of the day. Our lunch, with two sodas, cost us a total of $10.90 (€8.80).

Taco stop Granada Nicaragua

Taco Stop, in Granada, opens every day of the week at 10:30. For closing hours and more menu items visit www.tacostopnicaragua.com.

Pita Pita

Middle Eastern food in Central America is a no go, right? Wrong. Pita Pita proves quite the opposite. With its quirky interior, where empty bottles on threads grace the ceiling,  and the restaurant is always jam-packed. For our dinner, we enjoyed a special tasting plate of $12.50 (€10) and the kebab of $10 (€8).

Pita pita Granada NicaraguaPita pita Granada Nicaragua

Pita Pita is open daily from 12:00-22:00.


Located directly behind the Granada Cathedral lies Calle Calzada, a bubbling street filled with restaurants and bars from start till end. Early on, you’ll see Nectar where, first things first, the cocktails are amazing. Nectar has a really long happy hour, from 15:00 until 18:00, where they offer two cocktails for the price of one and special discounts on the beers. With the price of cocktails varying between $1 and $2 this isn’t necessary at all, but still, a nice thing to take into account. The staff at Nectar is sweet and helpful, and -to compliment all those cocktails- the food is excellent. For our dinner -Jalapeño chicken and the tostada salad- we paid a total price $12.75 (€10.29).

Keep in mind that, in addition to the costs stated above, almost all restaurants in Nicaragua add an optional 10% tip to the bill, stated as “propina”.

*All prices as of 12 March’18, converted on xe.com 

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  1. LA Hacienda across from San Franicisco Convent has good food, like Cerviche for 90 Cords, Fajitas for 135 Cord. At night it is busy with a lot of Nicaguara’s going there and also tourists.

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