HOTEL TIP MARRAKECH: Riad Palacio De Las Especias

Well, hotel, hotel… actually this accommodation is classified as a riad. A term originating from the old days, where a riad was commonly known as a traditional Moroccan house with, in the center of it all, a garden or courtyard. All within the comfort of the old city walls – therefore, within the medina (old city center of Marrakech) you’ll find lots of these characteristic riads. Whilst some parts of the old city feel long overdue for a renovation, most riads are like stepping into another world. A world straight from your 1001 fairytale that is. And that especially goes for Riad Palacio De Las Especias.

Up for some exploring?

Riad Palacio De Las Especias
This is part of your room. I KNOW.

Riad Palacio De Las Especias

Plants everywhere, hints of bright colors and the turquoise pool; there are few things not to like about Riad Palacio De Las Especias. The rooms are spacious and decorated completely in line with Morrocon design, which overall boasts a romantic atmosphere. The Bab El-Khemish double room has it’s very own small balcony, overlooking the courtyard.

Riad Palacio De Las Especias room

Riad Palacio De Las Especias Marrakech

Beautiful riad Marrakech
View from our room

Breakfast is set up on your own private table throughout your stay. Diversifying day by day and just enough to let even the anti-morning persons amongst us leave the breakfast table smiling.

Breakfast Riad Marrakech

Guests of the riad also have access to the rooftop terrace. If the temperature is right, you can even request even they set up the yummy breakfast featured above under the blue morning sky. Also, a great spot to hang and recover from your day of exploring all that Marrakech has on offer.


Rooftop Riad Marrakech

Total costs of our stay at Riad Palacio de Las Especias

For our 4-night stay, we paid a total price of $594 (€ 480), worth every penny. Want to wake up in Riad Palacio De Las Especias as well? Check out the current prices for your desired date and time here:

More information

* All prices as 24  January’18, converted on 


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