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Tropical Escape – Why Visit The Gili Islands

When in Bali, or in Lombok for that matter, an escape isn’t wat most are looking for. There is indeed plenty to explore on the mainland but for those, like myself, always looking for extra adventures, there are the Gili Islands.


Just a 45 minute boat trip away you’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise with pearly white beaches and turquoise waters. On the island cars are not allowed, so be aware that if you don’t want to carry your bags all the way to your hotel, you’ll have to take a horse cab. A horse cab? Yes, a horse cab, Gili style. For the rest of the days it is easier to rent a bike for transportation, for the sake of the horses but also because they only come and go as the “cab” driver pleases.

Explore the island on bike – $3,75 per day

Gili Trawangan itself has quite a renowned name as a party island, as many young backpackers flog here to enjoy themselves. If you’re in to that, great, if not no worries. All the way up North (all the way up sounds far, I assure you it is not) you’ll find more secluded resorts and the beaches get better and better. During our short stay we slept at the Oceano Resort Jambuluwuk, which offers all sorts of accommodation, but the white tropical cabins -that have an additional shared pool located in the back of the area- are by far the nicest.

The Oceano Resort – $76,30 per night for 2 people

Another bonus is that the North of the island is known for their turtle areas.Most resorts rent snorkel gear but if not you’ll also find plenty of spots to rent them near by the designated area. An early rise will give you more likelihood to spot the magnificent turtles as they tend to move away from crowds.  We were one of the first to arrive at 08:00 am and had the chance to swim with dozens, an incredible experience.

Rental snorkel gear $3,75


Quick look back on how to get there: the fast boat to the Gili Islands will cost you $67,68 and allows you to stop of at Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air. There is a slower alternative that is cheaper, but this will take you approximately 3.5 hrs, what an easy choice is that.

More information on the fast boats can be found here

More information on the resort can be found here

All prices are in USD, as of 10’Oct-17, converted at 



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